Add YouTube activities to your mashups

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 | 4:35 PM

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You may have noticed that YouTube became more social a couple of months ago with the addition of the "Recent Activity" box to YouTube channels. Well, the YouTube API is now following suit by providing activity feeds for integration into other apps and sites. Before you ask, the API respects all privacy settings, so the user still has complete control over what does or does not appear in the feed.

For more details, check out the docs, sample code, and the full post over at the YouTube API Blog. Here are some additional resources:

We're excited to see what kind of cool apps can be made with these feeds. And if you want to meet us and thousands of other web developers, check out Google I/O that's happening in May. The YouTube API team will be hosting two sessions there, including one titled "Going social with the YouTube APIs."

Happy coding!


Alain-Christian said...

I've been using the RSS feed and twitterfeed + for this kind of thing.

Robertas said...

This is great! I was expecting to see something like this from you guys and it would be really, uber cool if someday you would release a "standalone" Google product similar to FriendFeed :)