Blogger and Google Friend Connect unite

Thursday, February 26, 2009 | 7:05 AM

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Since the introduction of the Following feature on Blogger, it has been adopted by nearly three million blogs, with someone following a new blog every second. Over the past few months, we’ve been striving to make it better, and now we're proud to announce the integration of Google Friend Connect and Blogger.

By building on Friend Connect technology, the Following feature can now tap into an open ecosystem. Visitors will be able to follow a blog using their Google, Yahoo, AIM, or OpenID account, just as they can on any other site with Friend Connect. These blogs will be listed in their profile alongside other sites they've joined. And it also leverages existing friend relationships, meaning they'll be able to quickly see if their friends also follow the blog.

Watch the video below to learn more:

If you're already using Friend Connect on your blog, like we do on this blog, you don't need to change anything. You can continue to use Friend Connect as you have in the past. And this is just the first step in the integration, so be sure to stay tuned for further improvements, including an easy way to add OpenSocial gadgets through Blogger and the integration of the commenting features. To learn more, visit Blogger Buzz.

One note for readers who previously followed one or more sites with Blogger Following and joined one or more sites with Friend Connect: you can decide whether or not to show the sites you've joined via Blogger Following and Google Friend Connect in your Blogger profile. By default, we have turned the "Show blogs I follow in my Blogger profile" option off. If you change your mind, here are instructions for making this list of sites public on your Blogger profile.


Todd Patterson said...

How about integration with Google Sites?

picciu said...

Posted too this story in the morning !

Tenkely said...

Question: Do existing GFC gadgets integrate with the Followers gadget? A site I visit has 3 members through a GFC Social Bar, however the Followers gadget shows only one member (who is not listed in the other members section). Why is this? Should the Followers Gadget and Members Gadgets have the same people?

Brian Campbell said...

I think it's fantastic that Google Friend Connect and Blogger are now more integrated. I love where google is going with google friend connect and am glad to be an early adopter. I am also following the evolution of google friend connect on my blog, and how to use google friend connect for marketing purposes.

KB said...

Bugs? After I typed in my password and clicked "Sign in" to my Google Account, the pop-up closes and nothing more happens. The gadget still says "Follow" or "Sign in".
Site I tried to follow:

And how can I comment on Blogger with my Google Profile instead of my Blogger Profile?

Mendel said...

@Todd, yup, we're planning to do it.

@Tenkely, at the moment, these communities are currently separate. But we're working on a migration plan to address this.

@Brian, thanks for the love. And BTW, great video:

@KB, thanks for pointing this out. We'll look into it. And we're working on integrating the commenting features between Friend Connect and Blogger, so stay tuned.

Funny Networker said...

I am very excited about this announcement that Blogger and Google Friend Connect are uniting and it is likely that the other social media will be integrated as well into Google Friend Connect.

I learned about this great announcement in a very timely manner because Brian Campbell wrote this blog post where he links back to this site...

I've learned tons from Brian Campbell since I am a member of his sites through Google Friend Connect. I will be following his training on how to use google friend connect for marketing and how to have a virtually unlimited supply of leads for my business.

I have become a member of this site too via Google Friend Connect.

Would you be my friend too?

Stephan Briand
Funny Networker

yourstruly said...

Ahh Ok, I have seen some strange links in a "sites I've joined" section of a users profile, where the sites in question did NOT have Friend connect OR a "followers" gadget.
Could it be this tinkering under the hood which has thrown up these anomalous links?

I'm thinking that they may have had the "followers" gadget at some point in the past...

P.S. Sorry. I wanted to add that the I also run GFC as the commenting system on my blog which is even more "united"

Alain-Christian said...

What does friend connect do besides making users sign up for yet another service? It appears to run parallel to the sites instead of actually integrating with them. It doesn't do anything functional.

The ONLY good use for the service I can come up with is if you integrated the comments with Friend connect so that comments display a user's friend connect avatar. And if you are going to integrate comments, how about finally making nested/threaded comments.

You'll have to update the comment system at some point because right now without threaded/nested comments you can't properly import posts from livejournal or wordpress.

Another good integration would be having posts that can only be viewed/replied by friend connect subscribers.

I mean, I'm sure for some people having a list of avatars on the side is enough but if you want me to add friend connect to my site it has to add functionality in some way.

Also the box and navbar are ugly. There HAS to be more customization options. I saw that you can change the colors but that's not enough. Perhaps introduce a layout editor on the Friend Connect panel like you have with the Blogger Blogs.

I guess that's it for now. :p

Mendel said...

@Alain-Christian, we hear you loud and clear. We're working to make improvements and add more features to both Friend Connect and Blogger.

@yourstruly, did you manually add blogs to your Blogger Reading list or import them from Google Reader? If so, with the integration of Blogger and Friend Connect, these can be listed under the sites you've joined. To find out more about manually subscribing to blogs, see:

@KB, this should be fixed. Let us know if you have any further problems.

ficharo said...

In the HEAD of my HomePage I
have included a SOUND to play
in the background.
It's working in most browsers,
but in CROME it's pure silence.
Dear Mister Google, please fix it.

KB said...

@Mendel: The sign-in bug is fixed.:)

GFC automatically adds feeds to Google reader even if it already exists. Checking for duplicates would be good.

And Blogger Dashboard manage settings for GFC, but if I don't (want to) use Blogger? (Would like to close my Blogger account totally if I could.)

Alain-Christian said...

Glad to hear it. Ideally Friend connect on Blogger should behave like a native widget that can be customized through the template. That javascript stuff should be reserved for non-blogger implementations.

What you're doing is bad netiquette. You should NEVER impose unwanted audio on your visitors.

ficharo said...

@Dear Alain-Christian
My questian was technical and not about ethics.
My ethic boarderline goes at the step to the world of "downloading pirate-stuff", and into the stuff of "dont pay taxes". (Thats because I'm a Dane :-)
My SOUND is an information leding to songs by Dionne Warwick on Utube.
You are welcome to use that idea (We are living in 2009 and not 1971 :)
Once again:
My question was technical - some answers ?

Alain-Christian said...

Perhaps I misunderstood. Is your goal to have music start playing when somebody access your page?

Gillet said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Alice McMahon White said...

Friend Connect freezes and locks my computer every time I click on it the past few days. Also, why is it that everyone I see who has this on their blogger blog only have 6 friends?

Azrael said...

Hi there! i've added the follow gadget but when i go to the GFC page it doesn't show my blog so i can choose other widgets! what do i have to do??? i try to add the rpc_raley and canvas thing but can't do that either.

my blog is:

someone please help me :P

z-vet said...

So there is no way to remove GFC? I forced to have it on my blog? Another reason to not to use Google services.

kriztinac said...

Why is it I keep getting this error: "We were unable to locate required files at the Home URL" ???

I skipped the step where I have to install the two files of GFC. said...

"Once the google.friendconnect.requestSignIn() function is executed, a pop-up window will appear"

so my question is can i make it work without popup plz, cause some jsscript didn't work (appear error) via Adobe AIR htmlloader and even worse with popup calling in AIR, i think you know what i mean ;o you can test with playground demo in AIR html to see the problem, thx in advance

musag08 said...

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Mono said...

Hi, How can change the language of the Members gadget? I already have changed the Basic site settings, but text like this i can't:
Already a member? Sign in

Please help me.

Anthony said...

Well I have a problem, when i go to a blog and I put follow, my own blog doesn't show up, only the blogs that I'm following, can you help me???

Mendel said...

@Anthony, take a look at to learn more about adding the Following gadget to your blog.

robert said...

GFC has been down for a while now, with no way to be informed as to what the problem is or if anyone is working to fix it.
Friend Connect desperately needs some status information. Would it not be possible to have some sort of message delivered into the space left by the members gadget for example?
A twitter GFC status channel would also win over the frustrated users.
Please keep it social, when GFC goes down too!

Kaz Pawlik said...

How wonderful news i've heard today it is very useful for everyone Google Friend Connect and Blogger are now more integrated it has big impact to the marketers.