Introducing the Google Friend Connect API

Thursday, March 12, 2009 | 8:22 AM

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While it's always been easy to add social features to your site with Google Friend Connect, it just got a little more flexible with the introduction of the Friend Connect API. This API lets you access the core features of Friend Connect to use them on your site in interesting ways.

Friend Connect lets you instantly awaken and strengthen the community that visits your website in way that is easy (just copy-and-paste some code) and open (we use OpenID, OAuth, and OpenSocial). The combination of ease and openness puts you and your visitors in full control of your social information, activities, and relationships throughout the web.
Whether you're a site owner or developer, the new Friend Connect APIs offer something for anyone who is interested in helping the web become more social:

  • Site owners - Integrate Friend Connect more deeply into your site. JavaScript APIs allow you to integrate a social community directly within the markup of your page, and our REST APIs allow you integrate existing login systems and your existing data with new social data and activities. These are your visitors and this is your site, so you should be able to add social features the way you want.
  • Plugin developers - Make plugins to integrate with popular content management systems, bulletin boards, or any open framework. To get you started, we have created open source plugin samples for WordPress, Drupal, and phpBB.
  • Gadget developers - Make OpenSocial applications with greater control over how data flows across servers with signed requests. Use server-side authentication mechanisms so that a site with Friend Connect can act as an OpenSocial container.
To start using this API, set up your site at and then click on the "For developers" link to get the snippets.

We're excited to see the creative ways you find to use this API to enrich the social web. To learn more, check out the documentation on Google Code or the Google Code Blog.


Joost de Valk said...

I've got a WordPress plugin ready based off of the example code, you can find it here: WordPress FriendConnect plugin.

LGR said...

This is good news. It will make it easier for people to integrate Friend Connect into a site. Thanks to Joost de Valk for a plugin already.

The People History said...

Hi , Great start few problems which could force me to drop the social bar though

1. A number of users have complained about Social Bar blocking content I believe this may be on older versions of browsers , But the number who have emailed or left comments is enough for me to consider removing bar ( Do not know how many affected only how many who have complained )

2. On a Friends Connect user Profile ( joined sites ) if you join a
site without an RSS feed currently if you click on the site you
receive the message
Oops! This link appears broken. I presume this goes back to when it
was rolled out for blogs which all come with RSS feeds but now that
Friends Connect runs on other websites if you join and then someone clicks on link gives error

My site is used quite a lot by kids doing research from school and they are pretty smart consequently they join then post garbage which although does not appear in normal comments box does appear in the social bar , could this be changed so they do not appear in social bar till approved


3. When a new member joins comments appear in browser bar before they
are approved could that be changed to default ( In my case all
comments must be approved before they appear )

IceRyder said...

I would like the same code on my website and my blogspot. I tried to paste the same code from my website onto the blogspot, but it wouldn't work.

I don't really want two separate groups, but a combination of people who visit both sites.

What can I do?


coniac said...

I am sorry to say but it looks really bad on a website - its all over the page if you use an old browser

Interwise said...

When the Google Friend Connect will be available in Portuguese and other languages ???


good job

christen said...

I'm reading this on an iPhone right now and the Social Bar is stuck in the middle of the content

Sponks said...

First Google Friends Connect with 3D view mode:

Sponks said...

What I posted and showed is an example of the amazing potential of the Google Friend Connect API.

I think this is the beginning and in the future we will see a great use of these API.

Amelia said...

I'm using some of the gadgets on my site and so far it looks good. Check it out!
I just need to figure out how to use this to my advantage.


RiYo said...

I have been using google friend connect from the month of January 2009 , I din know it was that new.
Since my whole site is hand coded i needed something of this osrt so that users can comment on my site.
check out!

Nguyen said...

GFC API is good. I'd like to see more practical examples. I used the GFC API to develop a Social Bible Quiz application. It's available at .