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Wednesday, April 22, 2009 | 12:45 PM

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This guest post was written by Barry Welch, a social app developer and a speaker at the Google Friend Connect launch who likes to create apps that foster visitor interaction, increase website traffic, and/or generate revenue for site owners. Barry relies on Google App Engine to provide speed and scale for his web apps. - Ed.

If you're seeking to get your community more engaged, you'll want to give them more ways to connect with one another and contribute to your site. In addition to the other gadgets available through Google Friend Connect, there's now the Get Answers gadget. Adding the Get Answers gadget to your site will encourage visitors to ask questions of the community and answer questions posed by others, creating a clear invitation to interact.

For visitors looking to connect and contribute to your community, the Get Answers gadget lets site members
* Ask questions, submit answers, and vote on the answers they think are the best
* Read other questions and answers from the community, sorted by popularity or date
* Quickly view only their own questions to see the answers they've received
* See what Google search says about their question

With the Get Answers gadget, new members can ask questions and get up to speed quickly, current members can share information relevant to your site topic or other topics of interest to them, and you (the site owner) can learn more about the interests of your community, which can help you tailor your content to your visitors' needs. As the site owner, you remain in full control and can moderate the gadget by deleting any inappropriate questions or answers.

View a sample site using this gadget, or learn more about the Get Answers gadget and how to add it to your own site.


dataphage said...

This would be enormously useful with Google sites - any sign of integration yet?

Fabricio Teixeira said...

Really nice!

LobKing said...

People, This is my first comment on this blog, what can i say is I appreciate your work.

before 2 days i searched the web for powerfull poll script to buy and i already purchase it, just today i found that there is a poll gadget where it is working perfect.
also the questions and answers wall, review, social network.


I think for me, it is time to say bye bye to purchase more php scripts to my websites. :))

Mendel said...

@dataphage, yes, we're planning on integrating with Google Sites. Stay tuned.

devajyoti said...

The Join or Sign in in the widget really really needs to be Links as in other widgets n not just mere text... Its far away from the member sign in in my website n my users don't understand what the hell to join/sign in order to ask a question!!!

Manuel said...

I really like this gadget and want to integrate it to my corporate site. the problem is that it lacks customization (cant set it for 650px width and cant change appareance--colors). Will this be possible in the future?

peppinl said...

Like Manuel I'd like to customise the colours on the poll gadget. Any plans to allow this?

trends-gadget said...

i like it, this very use for me..

Mariette said...

I wish it would allow the creator or owner of the site or blog to also participate in the GetAnswers gadget -- to be able to answer some of the questions himself. What if someone asks the blog owner a question? Can he answer in that gadget box? If I have monetized my blog with AdSense, am I allowed to create another account and 'join' my site to be able to answer visitors' questions? Or would I be putting my AdSense account in jeopardy? Would I be penalized?

Patrick Cohen said...

Thanks very much for a simple and powerful package of tools for techno-dummies like me! I just have one suggestion for the Q&A gadget. The other gadgets allow for expansion onto the canvas page giving site visitors more "elbow room", but the Q&A doesn't. I believe this would make the gadget much more enjoyable for my community.

agusnauval.blogspot.com said...

hallo saya sedang belajar blog ada yang bisa bantu biar blog saya bisa terkenal

Praveen Kumar said...

This Gadget is not functioning on my blog page.


can someone please check & reply why it is not showing