Google Friend Connect now Powering Discuz!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 | 10:51 AM


We are excited to announce the release of the Google Friend Connect Plugin for Discuz! 7.0. This project is hosted at

Google Friend Connect allows simple user authentication using any OpenID account such as Google, Yahoo, or AIM. Instead of filling in yet another profile form, your users can connect to their existing identities, showing current profile pictures and information. The ability to easily integrate profiles increases user engagement and activity on Google Friend Connect enabled sites.

Google Friend Connect plugins are currently available for WordPress, phpBB and Drupal. Today, we're very pleased to announce a new plugin that will make it easy for webmasters to use Google Friend Connect on their Discuz! sites. Discuz! is one of the most popular forum platforms, so we think a lot of users and site-owners will benefit from this new tool.

Example page: after installing Google Friend Connect Plugin

Example page: user successfully logged into forum using Google Friend Connect Plugin


  • Based on the latest release of Discuz! (Discuz! 7.0).

  • Multi-language support: English, Simplified Chinese(UTF8, GBK) and Traditional Chinese(UTF8, BIG5).

  • Support for various templates in Discuz!. Even if you use your own customized templates, it will not require extra effort to install this plugin.

  • Easy to install. Just download the plugin, upload it to your server directory, and edit the configuration files according to the installation instructions.

  • Use Google Friend Connect profile information, such as your profile picture and your personal bio, in your Discuz! profile. The plugin can also propagate changes from your Google Friend Connect profile to Discuz!, keeping your information current.

To see the plugin in action, please visit the demo sites (in English and Chinese). If you are a Discuz! forum administrator, you can download the plugin as a zip archive and follow the instructions for installation to deploy it on your site. The code is open sourced under Apache License 2.0, and contributions are not only welcomed, but encouraged. This project hosts an issue tracker which will be populated with known issues and requested enhancements, so please use the tracker to report any new bugs or incompatibilities you find, or to request new features.

For more information, please check the user manual.


jcai said...

it rocks

rr8004 said...

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jbkugler said...

THANK YOU! I spent hours trying to seamlessly integrate Friend Connect into my blog last night and this was exactly the tool I was looking for! Great work!

alt.astrology.moderated said...

The more places powered, the better. Will you empower the profiles also?

pcd2k said...

You mean Discus, surely ?

Jacky said...

This plugin is for "Discuz! 7.0", which is a forum system used widely. Since this plugin is open-sourced, it could also be used as a reference on how to integrate with Discuz!'s login system.

alt.astrology.moderated said...


Actually I meant Google Profiles, but I am happy for Discuz too. :-)

brittany said...

i am a googleer and im proud but my teacher yelled at my whole class for useing google to much but when you turn around just to do your work. and you look up cuz you dont no the answer or if your just bored the next thing you no shes on google. what a harsh teacher.
the end thank you for reading bye-bye

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Hüseyin said...

Hello everyone
Friends I've added the Google toolbar on my website. but I do not have any friends. A few people to be my friend please.

Umarfaruk M said...

nice feature na. another successful entry for Google ah? anyway all the best google :-) always im your gr8 fan.

Adrian Cooper said...

I'd love to use Discuz! on my website along with the Google Friend Connect plugin but it is totally impossible to get hold of an English version of Discuz!

There are a few sites that seems to previously have offered it but are now empty, lead to holding pages or password protected.

Does anyone know how to get hold of the English version of Discuz!
Otherwise this GFC plugin will never be used by anyone who is not Chinese, and neither will of course Discuz!

Adrian Cooper said...

I found a version of it finally but no one knows where to find patches and updates.

how2post said...

Hey, that was a good news. We can improve our performance in social webs.

Laurent LL said...

I have a french web site about flyfishing.
It is powered by google but I don't now how does it work on it.
Is it possible to insert google friends connect in a google web site ?

中国 said...

Hi Google, can you develop plugins for Discuz!'s latest version, X1.5?