Add social features to your CMS: Friend Connect now available for Drupal and Joomla

Monday, January 11, 2010 | 1:21 PM

I'm happy to announce that Google Friend Connect features are now also available for Drupal and Joomla. Now that Friend Connect is integrated with these popular open source CMS platforms, site owners can make registration easier for users and offer them a set of social features -- all without writing a single line of code. Even site owners without programming experience can add these plugins.

Both Drupal and Joomla integrations include the latest Google Friend Connect features, like Interest Polls, AdSense, Newsletter Subscriptions, Featured Content, and well-known gadgets such as Members, Comments, Recommendations, Activities, Reviews and the Social Bar. When a user joins a Friend Connect site, an account is created and automatically associated with his or her external account of choice (Google, Yahoo, or Twitter, for example). The social gadgets can be placed anywhere in the site using the standard Drupal and Joomla administration interfaces. Site owners can moderate reviews and comments, create new polls to collect information about community members, and then advertise on the site using that information. The newsletter feature allows site owners to create and manage their newsletters using Friend Connect's interface, and site members can subscribe and unsuscribe as desired using the newsletter gadget.

For more details, visit the Drupal or Joomla projects at Google Code. To see them working, please visit the Drupal demo and Joomla demo.


Parka said...

I notice that new comments don't show up or is stored in Drupal's database. How is the administrator going to be alerted of new comments, or check if any comments are spam and remove them?

FO Groupe Bouygues said...

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Michigan Alumni en BA said...

Looks like a cool module for Drupal. I will test it today. I am glad it was developed in Argentina.


el7cosmos said...

im waiting this for all this years

Heine said...

The Drupal module has some quality issues and should not be used on production sites.

Would the module authors be willing to work on improvements with Drupal developers?

Mehmet Ali Anıl said...

I installed this plugin for Joomla, but doesn't seem to be interacting in any way with the Joomla User DB, in other words, the members log into their GFC accounts, but no account is created for Joomla.

Bob Aman said...

Heine, could you drop by the GFC developer forum and elaborate? What are the "quality" issues you're referring to? If there's something wrong, we'll fix it.

Dave said...

Can anyone at Google please let me know why all of a sudden this new project has popped up when Muthu (original Drupal module developer) and I had agreed to bring the Drupal plugin development over to I'm a little frustrated as to what is going on. Google normally has a great and supportive relationship with the Drupal community, so why are they completely ignoring it now?

Bob Aman said...

Dave, the simple reason is that no one ever contacted me about it. Pretty much any collaboration with third party developers on Friend Connect is my responsibility. Feel free to drop by the developer forum. I'm happy to try to find a solution that works for you.

Mehmet Ali Anıl said...

I'm sorry to post a second time, but I wanted to clarify:

"When a user joins a Friend Connect site, an account is created and automatically associated with his or her external account of choice."

Does the plugin create this mentioned account?

Heine said...

Bob Aman, I've already filed two issues over at

Is that sufficient?

almocher said...

hi their you dont kown me so this is my name almocher

Poyr4z said...

خليف الوهيداني said...

Chet said...

So if a person logs in to a Joomla site with GFC, they will be able to see registered user content?

ani said...

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Grindhouse said...

I dont understand.. do users need to register with my joomla site and when they are logged in they sync with gfc when they join? Just like the jconnector for facebook? I want users to join and be in my database for use with community builder also.. on the site it says it creates an account and associates it with gfc! please expand! and has anyone that has this on thier site any info? a link be good for me to look.. there are a few buggy type things I found on the demo site:

1) I joined with my google account (fine) but then I returned and signed in with my yahoo account.. now I have 2 accounts.. I linked my google account within the yahoo login.. still 2 accounts.. it should KNOW now that I am but one user..
2) I can change my name to already existing users on the site and use their pic and pretend to be the,.. as email addresses do not show, who can tell? This would be difficult to get on with where all users changing their names every 5 minutes..
3) If my login made a new database I was not given a username and password like it said on googlecode so I was unable to login that way..


Voider said...

Sorry for misthematic post - but, where can I get GFC plugin for PHPBB?
Can't find one, only joomla and drupal..

gareth said...

Yes, what has happened to the supposed module for php?? Clicking on the link redirects you to this page which only has the Drupal and Joomla details. Please help as I have just spent ages installed php on my server.

Victor said...

The Joomla module does not actually do anything too useful.

It does not integrate Google Friend Connect with Joomla in any way. Users still need to use two accounts: one for Joomla and one for Google Friend Connect.

In fact the module has less flexibility than just pasting the gadget code inside a custom Joomla module.

Is actual integration with Joomla planned for this module?

Grindhouse said...

go here:

and see this quote "The Sign In gadget allows your visitors to login using their open ID accounts (google, yahoo, aim, etc), this method associaltes the user's external account with a joomla account. Later the user is able to change his account details, even the password, and still be able to use either the joomla native login mechanism, or the external account method. "

Now What I am thinking of doing is only allowing people to register with friendconnect as registered users.. so u would have to sign up to my site (becoming registered obviously) only THEN will you see the 'join this site with gfc' now I know this defeats the point but users will see the members on guest and will want to join.. best I have come up with.. from the quote I provided I dont know if it means it creates a user or not.. way too much information is missing.. can somebody that has used this plugin tell me if it works the same as the jconnector for facebook?? what that does is when a user is already signed in it links your facebook to that user and when you login with facebook connect it sync loads your user! I havent installed gfc yet.. I dont have access at the moment and I am waiting to fully understand it!


Victor said...

I use jConnector now and that works flawlessly. Since it does not rely on javascript if even runs in the standard Joomla login box. I have "Connect with Facebook" just above the Joomla login and it is perfect.

The Google Friend Connect does not work in the login since it is basically just an embedded Google Friend Connect html code that relies on js to execute.

Additionally as I mentioned already it also does not work anywhere else since it does not sign people into Joomla - at least I cannot make it work and I have been trying.

I am hoping that jConnector people add the Google Friend Connect functionality soon.

It would also be nice if the current Joomla Google Friend Connect module can be made to work in the same way as jConnector.

Grindhouse said...

@victor I have already posted to jconnector forum about this.. I found instructions on how to do it (from google devs).. if you go to forums you will find them, havent heard anything yet.. I think you posted an issue on the link i provided previously? I am posting some others also.

I havent used jconnector either yet, is the description I gave accurate or does it do more? what happens if a user is not a member of your site and they click facebook connect? are they logged in with registered privalages? just like the gfc does at moment? the thing that is bugging me is the quote I gave where they say that it associates with joomla user!!

Victor said...


Not sure...we are still in testing with the website, but from memory when you click on the jConnector it takes you to Facebook page to sign in unless you are already signed in then it just "hijacks" the active session and that's it.

For my needs that is just about perfect.

And are you saying that you got GFC to log you into Joomla? That does not work for me, associated or not. I can log in with gmail separately since there is a Joomla standard plugin for gmail and OpenID logins and that creates the problem you are describing - you end up with two users that are the same but not associated.

Grindhouse said...

No I havent even installed it yet.. the quote is from google that says it associates. I use community builder and it is important that my users have their own profiles within my site, I cant just have gfc imposing on it as it is.. I need to know when some activity happens as I dont want people misusing the site.. needs moderation.. google doesnt let you know a new user has joined, or a new comment has been posted..

Victor said...


Actually it tells you whenever someone joins your site and I am still testing it, but it should be possible to receive notice whenever someone leaves a comment.

In any case with the "social bar" gadget that you can hard code into the template HTML you get a full summary of what happened on the site.

See, I am using GFC but not through the module. I use custom_module and Google html snippets to make them run and to skin them with the template.

...and that is another thing that GFC module lacks - it has no ability to be skinned by the template since you cannot enter module class data.

Grindhouse said...

if you look on the drupal wiki it lets you change colours, bit of a biased thing goin on? sorry i didnt know it lets you know when someone joined. I dont see that its a PLUGIN just modules.. so this doesnt do anything different from when you copy/pasted the code into a html box? This has been available for ages.. we need a component/plugin/with modules.. be able to change colours etc.

Grindhouse said...

If this doesnt sync users with joomladatabase then IF I use gfc then it will be the old way like you are using.. where I can customise it more! IF I use it! coz jconnector seems to be a better option.. gfc is supposed to be competing with facebook but its not helping itself! Seeing as it has been done with facebook you would think the gfc team would simply do what jconnector CANT! and that is creates a new user in joomla database if you click join or sync it if u click sign in! that would tear a new one for facebook!

Maybe it can be done.. can you post a link to your site so I can see it? @victor

Victor said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Victor said...

@grindhouse (again - pressed submit prematurely)

I think GFC will do well - it will swarm over and conquer all social networking sites - eventually. That is the Google grand plan. They want to own online and the "Side Wiki" is a similar thing - possibly shares most of the code with GFC.

Our site is still closed otherwise I would give you the link to test it.

I am hoping to bring it online as soon as possible so if this discussion is still alive next week I will post a link then.

Grindhouse said...

mine is closed also.. not really built yet! I do hope gfc comes thru! I mean facebook is MASSIVE but what is available to joomla users with gfc is great, I think in time when people start releasing better gadgets etc will take off to the skies! I dont like the social bar to be honest, it dont look too good.. I need to customise things as I dont want to be hosting google for them.. I think helping eachother is one thing but allowing them on my site should be descrete as possible. facebook connect is good as its just authentication, I also have fanbox on site too, thats all I want from them. I just found that I signed up to the jfbconnect demo site some time back and its showing all my photos on their site! I have them HIDDEN on facebook so why they think thats ok i dunno!!! I cant find out how to UNJOIN! atleast with gfc there is that option!

Grindhouse said...

on the demo site:

This is written by a dev 'Mauro Gonzalez ':

Anyone testing, I guess this GFC implementation does not interact with Joomla User Management by any... More »
mehmet.ali.anil 1/12

[Mauro Gonzalez]

When you join the site a joomla account is created, and associated to your friendconnect ID
Mauro Gonzalez 1/13

I am really confused, I joined the site with gfc.. but I dunno how to login the joomla way.. wasnt given any password.. like they said in the quote I left few posts back!

Grindhouse said...

ok, IF they insist on it associating, I am going to assume it works like jconnector where it sync's with a logged in joomla account.. but saying that.. he said "When you join the site a joomla account is created, and associated to your friendconnect ID" so is it the other way around? if so then ok fine.. can someone PLEASE get to the bottom of this.. are they claiming to do things that just are not true??

Victor said...

The demo here is really nice, I just wish it worked on my site and that I could place it in the login module like with joConnector.

Grindhouse said...

I'm not sure I know what you mean.. I think it would be easy enough to do.. I mean, I dont know how you got the Jconnector in your login module.. cant you do the same thing? I would assume using the codes from gfc for the sign in, paste it in? I cant wait to get my site live! I'm developing it for an artist and I'm not sure what servers he has his current html site on and what access he has to it, I'm hoping he can host my joomla site! its taken me since august to write!! Its my first joomla site and i am over the moon with it.. this gfc/facebook stuff is the icing!

Grindhouse said...

have u seen the drupal demo? it has so much more stuffs on it! makes me sick.. I think they are working on drupal more

Victor said...


The problem with the current GFC implementation is that the only linkable part that results in a login to GCS is a link to a session cookie, and that expires.

jConnector has a link to an actual module so clicking on that link passes the request to the module that then does its thing in the background.

Grindhouse said...

this is what is frustrating me the most:

when you google search, all you see is people that have copied/pasted the FACT that google have announced they are integrating with joomla and drupal! you look on twitter and type it in.. what I need to find is people that have used the "plugin" on joomla sites saying what happens! this place is first and only where I'm getting info! We need more feedback!

Grindhouse said...

jconnector is slightly missing something tho.. it doesnt create an account and doesnt pull any info from fb (or does it?) I know it gives a bogus email for security reasons. ulti rpx does EVERYTHING we want from jconnector and gfc! I just dont like the way it goes about it! having to do it all thru some random persons server.. atleast with google and facebook u know who they are (slightly more)

Grindhouse said...

the drupal demo is so... CLEAN!! what a mess the joomla one is in!

they got all the gadgets in there! I will be using them.. no doubt..

Mehmet Ali Anıl said...


I tried it on my website, yes the Joomla plugin just works like the embed implemented within HTML. Exactly like Ive said in my earlier post, though the plugin does not state that it is associating the Joomla User DB, the page here states that and it seems to be misinformative.
I guess you meant something like, RPX and UltiRPX plugin does; when a stranger comes and logs into your site, automatically an account is created and the user can use the site as if they are logged in.If I understood wrong, please correct me.

Grindhouse said...

@Mehmet Ali Anıl

In my earlier posts I also left a link to where I got the quotes. The quote saying it associates with joomla account is on the wiki for the actual plugin on googlecode quote/website:

The Sign In gadget allows your visitors to login using their open ID accounts (google, yahoo, aim, etc), this method associaltes the user's external account with a joomla account. Later the user is able to change his account details, even the password, and still be able to use either the joomla native login mechanism, or the external account method.

I suggest you have a look there.. the other quote is by the developer on the demo site
you can see:

I wouldnt be asking so much if I found someones 'theory' but AS on the googlecode states its joomla account orientated, I think it should be doing just that.

Grindhouse said...

maybe its saying that you can just login either way and it isnt linked at all.. its not clear is it? and seeing as its been reported that you cannot customise the colors.. I'll stick with the codes where you CAN!

Grindhouse said...

is Bob Aman a developer with this project? I notice he bypassed the big question by Mehmet Ali Anıl..

Mehmet Ali Anıl said...


I agree with that, but it seems that this blog only gets the minimal attention from the people that arrange the website and the specifications.

Yes, It seems that he bypassed it, there were some issues about the Drupal implementation back then.

Grindhouse said...

I agree.. it is the most official blog I have found tho.. I hope it sparks some interest with people.. be a long read tho.. lol

Grindhouse said...

maybe good news.. The issues I raised have been accepted!!

Admin said...

new update of gfc released. they said its uploaded to demo site to test but I dont think i got a joomla account

Grindhouse said...

I just unjoined the demo site, I rejoined and the login form actually changed from login register etc to HI! so it looks like it worked.. but when I entered my email addy to the 'forgot password' it didnt recognise it.. Can someone confirm any differences?

Mehmet Ali Anıl said...

Now, it does really connect Joomla and GFC, and creates an account. There are still some problems to be solved about the simultaneity of the module, about signing out, resigning in, couldn't understand how the passwords are managed. The module seems to be still immature but right now it at least is aimed to do what it is promising. I will try to post some issues now on. And response as a fix within a week was promising, thanks for that.

Victor said...

Well no luck for me, I now get "Internal server error 500" when I press "Sign in", thus I cannot use it.

I think I will wait for version 2.0 :-)

dan said...

This is the opposite of a good idea.

The huge benefit of Drupal and Joomla and other sophisticated CMS's is that the site owner has an opportunity to "own" the user.

Yes, they may log in via external mechanisms such as OpenID etc, but this is simply a convenience that means they do not need to share their password with the site owner - handy, since often people will reuse passwords across multiple sites and this can pose a security risk.

But to take this to an extreme and have Google (or any other provider) manage not just the authentication but the functionality and even user-data of a site is risky to the point of idiocy.

Google Friend Connect is architecturally backward and, much like Facebook Connect, will be confined to the dustbin of history once CMS's and federated authentication systems each do their job properly and separately.


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Pedro said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Pedro said...

This comment has been removed by the author. said...

until it can be integrated with Joomla core membership, its useless app.

it will just simply confuse the user.

avoid it unless you don't care about membership/profiles on your site.

take it from a pro.

-- said...

The getAnswers gadget from Google Friendconnect is not working with Vietnamese language.

I tested to type in several Vietnamese sentences (not too long, not too short)and submit it but it seems to disappear. If I write in English, it accepts.

This is just one of the annoying things I experienced with Google Friend Connect. I expected something better, more mature from Google.

Google is loosing its fame by rolling out several low quality services nowadays.

Bob Aman said...

@Webcore Could you explain further? Did you try the plugin? It does integrate with the Joomla identities — a Joomla identity will be automatically generated for you if you sign in with GFC.

North Perimeter said...

hi, i don't wont to be insulted but i know this is a stupid question... is google friend connect only modules.. i just dont understand what i am supposed to put in the main window of my site. i am using joomla. do i write an article for the middle and have modules around it? there is no html for me to use for my main article. i believe there was when i set it up, but now i cannot get to it. thanks.