Introducing the eBay Social Shopping Gadget (Alpha)

Friday, April 2, 2010 | 3:19 PM

Hi, my name is Jay Patel and I'm a software engineer at eBay. I'm excited to introduce the Google Friend Connect community to the new eBay Social Shopping Gadget (Alpha).

Add "Social Shopping" functionality to your Web site

We built the new eBay Social Shopping gadget with site owners in mind, so you can easily add "social shopping" functionality to your website. The eSS gadget lets users browse on eBay in almost the same way they could if they were on, and also allows them to share their shopping experiences with friends. For instance, users of your site can recommend eBay items to friends and browse their friends' recommendations — all in one place.

In addition to searching the entire eBay site, your users can also view item details at a glance and watch items within auctions or buy-it-now listings. If your users already use eBay, then they can easily link their eBay account to their Google Friend Connect (GFC) account, which will let them monitor their eBay watch list from eSS, receive personalized recommendations and bid and buy directly using eSS.

For publishers and web site owners

As with all Friend Connect gadgets, the eSS gadget enhances your site's appeal by adding social features, allowing you to customize eBay recommendations and listings to suit your site content. For example, if you own a blog about "twin parenthood," visitors to your site would probably see items such as twin strollers or baby monitors. No spam, no football memorabilia.

For more eBay Social Shopping gadget details, visit To install the gadget, visit the Google Friend Connect Gadget Gallery by logging into Google Friend Connect and clicking on the "Gadgets" link on the left-hand side. Then click on the "All gadgets" tab to locate the eBay Social Shopping Gadget.

We hope you'll take advantage of the eSS gadget to add a "social shopping" dimension to your website. Please contact us at with any feedback or questions.


Switcher said...

I don't understand why this gadget is needed?

If a blog owner can't monetize the traffic they are sending to Ebay, then why would anyone add this gadget to their blog?

Looks like your asking for our traffic, for nothing in return?

Please correct me If I've overlooked a way to monetize this gadget with Blogger.

BTW, I do believe that Blogger/Blogspot holds the largest amount of "Freind Connect" members.

Thanks, ;)

Tenkely said...

@switcher Not every gadget needs to be monetized in order to be useful. If you can build a community around a set of features, you can still monetize you users in other ways and provide them useful gadgets accessible from your site. Also, not all site admins are looking to monetize their users with everything they add to their site. Some of us still just do this for fun. ;)

Switcher said...

"Some of us still just do this for fun"

True, :)

C'mon now, I kinda doubt that Ebay is building a Gadget just for fun.

I don't need to tell you, Ebay is one of the largest online for profit business in the world. The goal of this gadget could only be to turn a profit.

Why not allow Blogger/Blogspot site owners to monetize thru the Ebay Partners?

It would only be a win-win deal...

Don't take me wrong, I know Ebay is the place to sell items online. :)

Farhang said...

Hi switcher

"C'mon now, I kinda doubt that Ebay is building a Gadget just for fun."

I am one of the two guys who did this Gadget, and believe it or not we did it for fun :-)

On the monetization, I tend to agree with Tenkely statement as a principle: A GFC Gadget should provide some intrinsic value for users, if this is satisfied monetization follows naturally.

This is an alpha version, We are monitoring the adoption and will provide monitization thru eBay partner network ( if this is what people ask for.

But I certainly understand what you are talking about.


Switcher said...

Tenkely, & Farhang,

Thank you both for the reply.

I'll setup the Ebay gadget on my blog, run it, see how it works out. ;)


Jay Patel said...

Hi Switcher, in case you need help with the installation, shoot us an email at
Btw, this gadget can be installed on any website registered with GFC, not only blogging sites. Find more info at
Have fun :)


Ravi said...

This is awesome gadjet!! I love this.

Jigar Pandya said...

Awesome Efforts put by developers... keep it up!!

Jeff said...

Cool gadget! Keep up the good work.

Linus said...

Social Shopping is the great concept. There is great scope of expansion of the definition of SOCIAL NETWORKING. Thanks. ~
I love blogs

DailyDealsAre.Us said...

"This is an alpha version, We are monitoring the adoption and will provide monitization thru eBay partner network ( if this is what people ask for."

Asking for it. Any click away from my site needs to bring me money or be a click to another site of mine.

Dr. Heckle said...

I don't use ebay much myself, but I can see how this could be very useful for people who buy stuff off of ebay regularly.

Nawaraj said...

I believe this is more than for fun

If this gadget keeps track of the ebay members and links them to the bloggers then it certainly has something to do with monetizing the traffic.

Even if it is intented for fun thats a good part of its introduction,in this context I agree with Switcher.

jamesw said...

This is a neat gadget but how is it any better than other gadget5s out there?
Also it only deals with eBay, what about all the other shopping channels out there like Amazon?
Now what the guys at cloud city sites are working on will be really cool if they get it finished.

Oglacs said...

This is a graet gadget , But i think it is not only for Fun.
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