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Thursday, February 17, 2011 | 11:27 AM

Today we’re doing a little bit more to bring you all the goodness of Google, plus the opinions of the people you care about. As always, we want to help you find the most relevant answers among the billions of interconnected pages on the web. But relevance isn’t just about pages—it’s also about relationships. That’s why we introduced Google Social Search in 2009, and why we’ve made a number of improvements since then. Today we’re taking another step forward—enabling you to get even more information from the people that matter to you, whether they’re publishing on YouTube, Flickr or their own blog or website.

First, social search results will now be mixed throughout your results based on their relevance (in the past they only appeared at the bottom). This means you’ll start seeing more from people like co-workers and friends, with annotations below the results they’ve shared or created. So if you’re thinking about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and your colleague Matt has written a blog post about his own experience, then we’ll bump up that post with a note and a picture:

Social search results can rank anywhere on the page, and you’ll see who shared the result in the annotation underneath

Second, we’ve made Social Search more comprehensive by adding notes for links people have shared on Twitter and other sites. In the past, we’d show you results people created and linked through their Google profiles. Now, if someone you’re connected to has publicly shared a link, we may show that link in your results with a clear annotation (which is visible only to you, and only when you’re signed in). For example, if you’re looking for a video of President Obama on “The Daily Show” and your friend Nundu tweeted the video, that result might show up higher in your results and you’ll see a note with a picture of Nundu:

Now Social Search includes links people share on Twitter and other services

Third, we’ve given you more control over how you connect accounts, and made connecting accounts more convenient. You can still connect accounts publicly on your Google profile, but now we’ve added a new option to connect accounts privately in your Google Account. (After all, you may not want everyone to know you’re @spongebobsuperfan on Twitter.) In addition, if our algorithms find a public account that might be yours (for example, because the usernames are the same), we may invite you to connect your accounts right on the search results page and in your Google Account settings:

The new setting enables you to choose whether or not to show your connected accounts publicly on your Google profile

For an overview of Google Social Search and our new features, check out the explanatory video:

As always, you’ll only get social search results when you choose to log in to your Google Account. We’re starting to roll out the updates today on in English only and you’ll see them appear in the coming week. With these changes, we want to help you find the most relevant information possible, personalized to your interests and the people you care about. To learn more, check out our help center.

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William said...

I just can't seem to find how I can connect my twitter account to my google account. I've been looking through all the links given in this article. Is this US-only perhaps?

Kelly said...

Hi William,

I'm glad you're interested in making your search experience more social! Sorry you're unable to link your Twitter account to your Google Account.

As was mentioned in the blog post, "We’re starting to roll out the updates today on in English only and you’ll see them appear in the coming week." This might be the cause of your troubles.

Kelly said...

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Vitriolix said...

I also don't see how to link my twitter account to me. I see myself in results because my friends are linked to that account ;)

YAMOBILE said...

i believe that 90% of people have no such friends to recommend relevant stuffs. personally i have about 4 trusted friend which do not trolling :P

Ifinder said...

Well. Totally appreciated the Spirit of continued innovation by Google Masters. Pl be Helping by innovation. Thanking You with Best Wishes.

pete_m said...

Nice stuff, thanks...any gen on how to use social search within Custom Searches made using the Loader API?

This might be implemented either for an individual user, a specific group of project collaborators or simply to make specific social searches from appropriate areas of my sites..

?? BTW Google gurus please advise - is it permissible to cache Google translate output for quicker access for visitors to translated cotent?- maintaining all correct attribution of course.
To what extent might one visually re-format such output?
These questions also apply to other Google API outputs, notably for AdSense - it would be handy to snapshots some of the fascinating porducts offered by my AdSense links.
Also for search results, whereby users can save and share their searches and snapshot results for their own and others further delight.
?? reasons for those qns apparent below.

Given that Blogger supports the use of Javascript, I look forward to ncorporating the results of my experiments api-ary - presently empty.
And incidentally my Not so Ppre posterous meta-blog at the estimable and not at all preposterous Posterous blogging platform is too.
Both will be populated soon.. watch those spaces!

I'm looking into using the Google Data API in conjunction with the Blog-search and other facilities available through custom searches accessed via the JQuery Google Loader.

New to blogging and affiliate links, I have just signed up for Amazon and I'm awaiting news from Google, I come from a production and programming background.

I hope readers may be interested in my websites: the main project site is Ice Factory- not for profit Internet based collaboration for real-world projects while
Delicatessen Mondiale - speciality foods, drinks, spices and artisanat from around the world  is the Delimon site.. to be populated in coming months.
The Delicatessen Mondiale exists to collect, and hopefully offer for sale, all the special delicacies of every place( also spices and artisanat).
Apart from the people, beautiful landscapes and climates of the countries I have visited, I love the food..

The project has a number of Movable Type5 blogs - chosen because it's in perl and also uses Drupal7 which is in PHP- I'm I'm agnostic when it comes to programming languages.

Initially in English, I hope to use Google translate to offer my pages in many languages.

I'm documenting my progress using google, amazon and other APIs at..
Experiments in consuming Google APIs
Consuming APIs for affiliate marketing and content enhancement
Work in progress pages which may be of interest for those interested in Javascript/ JSON/ Ajax at
Googled- deploying Google APIs for fun and profit 
Amazed- deploying Amazon APIs for fun and profit 

I'm exploring the use of APIs for enhancing content and monetising my sites.

My home page: Image Pump- multiscreen video music systems for installations and performance 

Please excuse the long post, and thanks once again for all the wonderful Google stuff.

talizen said...


Vatroslav said...

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