Introducing the +1 Button

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 | 11:11 AM

We all know what it’s like to get a bit of help when you’re looking for it. Online, that advice can come from a number of places: a tweet, a shared video, or a blog post, to name a few. With Google Social Search we’ve been working to show that content when it’s useful, making search more personally relevant.

We think sharing on the web can be even better--that people might share more recommendations, more often, if they knew their advice would be used to help their friends and contacts right when they’re searching for relevant topics on Google. That’s why we’re introducing the +1 button, an easy way for Google users to recommend your content right from the search results pages (and, soon, from your site).

+1 is a simple idea. Let’s use Brian as an example. When Brian signs in to his Google Account and sees one of your pages in the organic search results on Google (or your search ads if you’re using AdWords), he can +1 it and recommend your page to the world.

The next time Brian’s friend Mary is signed in and searching on Google and your page appears, she might see a personalized annotation letting her know that Brian +1’d it. So Brian’s +1 helps Mary decide that your site is worth checking out.

We expect that these personalized annotations will help sites stand out by showing users which search results are personally relevant to them. As a result, +1’s could increase both the quality and quantity of traffic to the sites people care about.

But the +1 button isn’t just for search results. We’re working on a +1 button that you can put on your pages too, making it easy for people to recommend your content on Google search without leaving your site. If you want to be notified when the +1 button is available for your website, you can sign up for email updates at our +1 webmaster site.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll add +1 buttons to search results and ads on We’ll also start to look at +1’s as one of the many signals we use to determine a page’s relevance and ranking, including social signals from other services. For +1's, as with any new ranking signal, we'll be starting carefully and learning how those signals affect search quality over time. At first the +1 button will appear for English searches only on, but we’re working to add more languages in the future.

We’re excited about using +1’s to make search more personal, relevant and compelling. We hope you’re excited too! If you have questions about the +1 button and how it affects search on, you can check the Google Webmaster Central Help Center.

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Brad said...

Still no love for transitioned Google Apps accounts.

meetjosie said...

+1. I'm liking this even though its hard not to see where you got the inspiration. Maybe a more unique name would have been a good idea?

Tenkely said...

Awesome. Can't wait until I can add a +1 button to my site!

DX Griffiths said...

So, kinda exactly like a "Like" button... only not. Gotcha.

hasandag said...

i still don't know why i should +1 a text ad.. i need more incentive

Thatcher's Child said...

This is surprisingly close to the idea that Yahoo used all those years ago when they had human directory input - the difference is that now Google doesn't have to pay for it! ;)

Ceejo Thomas said...

The problem with promoting a search result is that we know whether a result is good or not only when you go to the website in the results. By that time the search window would be closed and no way to do +1 . May there is a way where the resulting website is shown in a google frame and there is an option there to promote or dislike it

Albert Mikha said...

Dear Google Team,

I have some questions.

Can this feature help my website rankings globally if I get many +1?

How do Google know who are my friends and if they did clicked +1 for any website appeared on my search result?

If the person that clicked +1 on a website is not my friend, can I still view the person who recommended the site on my search result?

Thank you.

Albert Mikha

David Prieto said...

I think the button should be more tightly integrated with Buzz. Maybe when you hover over the +1 button, a small text balloon could pop up offering you the possibility to "also share on Buzz". That way you could, if you wanted to, also state WHY you think that link is worth visiting.

Philip Verghese'Ariel' said...

Hi All at +1,
Thanks for introducing yet another new venture from your wonderful portal, The video and the illustration and the write-ups speaks volume, hope this will do wonders in the world of web,
Thanks for the initiative taken on this new project; We wish you all the best,
Hope you do some look back at the Knol pages and do something worthwhile for the knol authors and the readers their, hope with all the new projects around you don't abandon us as ,,,,,???
Best regards
philip Ariel (P V Ariel- A Knol Author since 2 years.)

Evan Rapoport said...

I'd love to have the +1 button in Chrome so I can click it after I've seen the page and determined it was worth +1ing. On a related note, is "+1ing" the accepted verb?

EriCSN said...

I joined the experiment. But why can't I still use Google +1?
I'm a Taiwanese Chrome linux user.
(Ubuntu 10.10)